1. Welcome: AUREA COWORKING

    The contract of use of our coworking space is personal, in favour of the CLIENT/ customer, and cannot be transferred to any other person or company.



    • A Coworking space in a shared table
    • A locker with keys
    • Heat / air-confitioning / Regular maintenance of the Designated space.
    • Unlimited internet use with fiber optical of 600MB
    • Logo on front
    • Access to a desk / ergonomic chair and use of other office amenities including a kitchen and toilet.
    • Access to the meeting room subject to prior reservation and availability-
    • Agreed use of the printers subject to a cost per printing that will be charged
    • Acceptance of mail and deliveries
    • Possibility to publish the name of the company in our web page


    The services contracted in private offices include all the above, besides:

    – Access 24 hours / 7 days in your own office.

    – Office keys + support furniture (bucs and shelves)



    In the coworking space, the monthly plans contract are valid for one month and renewed automatically unless prior notice is given by one of the parties one month in advance.

    In the bonus packs the contract for using those hours is valid only for 3 months.

    In the offices, the contract is valid for two months and is renewed automatically unless prior notice is given by one of the parties one month in advance.

    Any of our monthly or flexible packs will have on one hand  a registration and payment online or by bank transfer, an also a membership contract signed by both parties, from which the agreement enters into force.




    . For the majority of coworkers who work from Monday to Friday, the space opens from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. Outside these hours there is a flexible work space and 24 hours /7 days access for coworkers and offices that have the space contracted under this format.


    All coworkers are asked to:

    – Work in an environment that allows the concentration of the rest of coworkers, respecting an optimal work environment for all and adequate acoustic levels.

    – For Skype calls they can use one of the meeting rooms

    – Keep their work spaces organized

    – To connect by network cable whenever is possible, despite this we have WIFI networks with different passwords for coworkers.

    – To have keys and access codes to the space, with a guarantee deposit

    – Turn off the general lights if they are the last ones to leave the space, and keep the kitchen utensils and bathroom  as clean as they found them.

    5.- ETIC code:

    The Customer agrees to:

    • DO NOT Perform any activity that is reasonably likely to be disruptive or dangerous to other members of AUREA coworking, their guests, or their property
    • DO NOT Use the designated space to perform or pursue any illegal activities or any activity that is generally regarded as offensive.
    • DO NOT Take or copy any information belonging to other members
    • DO NOT leave his belongings unattended, and leave always everything of value inside his own locker with key. It is the user´s responsibility to lose any material that is left unattended.
    • DO NOT Make any copies of any key or other means of entry to the space, or share or transfer any key to a third party.
    • DO NOT Use the AUREA coworking place to make any activities als Spamming, spimming or spam emails.
    • Make public any information protected by the intellectual property laws, except the ones he has the legal right to publish.
    • DO NOT perform inside the AUREA infrastructure coworking activities that are not described within the contracted services.
    • DO NOT give access to the coworking area to users outside the office who are not visits from their own company and at their own responsibility.



    It is expressly prohibited to visit websites that are related or persecuted by the Law or related to illegal activities.

    The CLIENT agrees not to use the services provided by AUREA Coworking for any illegal or prohibited activity, and will be fully responsible for any information that he publishes or downloads from the network. 


    The CUSTOMER agrees that it may be exposed to know confidential information of other companies within the coworking, so he agrees to:


    • Do not copy, disclose, reproduce or plagiarize the information of third parties / companies by oral, written, telematics or electronic means.


    1. EVENTS:

    – Coworking rents meeting rooms on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

    – We are open to you organizing activities, we offer rental discounts for members of our community

    – We can organize an event together if you have an idea




    – Mobile and What’s up: 627.885.535